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The addition of storm windows to a historical or vintage home is recognized as the third highest priority item recommended by the Department of Interior to be done to weatherize any homes listed on the registry (the first two are reducing air infiltration and improving attic insulation).  The installation of storm windows is recommended not only as a solution to weatherizing, but as a means of protecting your original glass and ensuring the least alterations to the historic building.  Storm windows are the "classic" solution to weatherizing your older historical, or vintage home or building.

I Have A Home Listed On The Historical Registry (Or One I'd Like To Have Listed).  Can I Add Storm Windows?
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One of your home's or building's most unique and valuable assets are its windows.  At the federal level, The Department of the Interior makes every effort to discourage the complete removal or replacement of your historical glass.  The placing of homes on the Historical Register is overseen by the Secretary of the Interior, and Administered by the National Park Service.  These organizations have created the "Standards of Historic Preservation," that are to be used as guidelines.

The two Technical Briefs which pertain particularly to windows and the use of storm windows to weatherize and protect are:

Preservation Brief 3:Conserving Energy in Historic Buildings
Preservation Brief 9:The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows
For more interesting information on what is recommended so that you can do any work with your windows in a way that meets historic preservation standards, you might want to visit these links:
Storm windows protect the valuable stained glass at this church.  Air-tite can design storm windows to fit most any shape opening.

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