What are the Different Styles of  Storm Windows?

Air-Tite manufactures two styles of storm windows - Picture Style and Opening Style.
A Picture Style storm window is typically installed over a fixed (i.e., non-opening) picture window.  You can select an exterior or an interior application; each has comparable weatherization qualities, though they are designed differently.  You can also install a Picture Style storm window over a window which opens, but is one which you may only want to open seasonally.  Please note that most fire codes stipulate that there must be an opening window in every bedroom for escape in an emergency.

Opening Style storm windows comes in a wide variety of designs, which you will find described below.

All styles of our storm windows can be purchased in either wood or aluminum.

Storm Window Styles
Exterior Wood Picture Style Windows

In the example shown above, the wood framed picture storm window has been custom painted in a contrasting color to enhance the window's trim.  A wood, picture style storm window is extremely easy to install.  You just pop the window in until it rests against your blindstop.  Then screw in the turnclips at the appropriate spots and swing them inwards to secure the storm window.

They are as easy to remove as they are to put up.  A wood framed screen can be ordered separately that fits the window in the same manner as the storm window.
Learn more about these windows in the Technical Data section of this website.

Below is a photo of an exterior aluminum picture style storm window in baked white enamel.  Our picture style storm windows are designed with a removable center insert.  This allows you to leave the outer frame installed and just pop out the center insert to clean or remove your storm window.

A lift rail is conveniently built in to assist you in removing the center insert.  There are clips with screws that you can loosen to free-up the center insert.  An optional bottom expander is available (at no extra charge) to allow for out-of-square openings, or to close up any small gaps along the bottom of the storm window.

These aluminum picture style storm windows are installed using screws through the fin (or flange) which surrounds three sides of the window.  You will need a tool for punching the holes through the fin and ideally stainless steel screws to complete the installation.  The picture style aluminum window does not ship with a screen, however, one can be ordered.
Learn more about these windows in the Technical Data section of this website

Exterior Aluminum Picture Style
Interior Picture Style
The interior picture style windows are designed for installation inside the home.  Interior applications are useful when you don't want to affect the outside look of your home.  The interior wood storm windows come in either oak or fir to enhance the beauty of your interior.  The interior storm window shown in the right photo above is inside the Alamosa County Court House in Colorado.  Strict design criteria  needed to be met in order to meet the conditions of the Colorado Historical Society as this is a building included in the National Historical Registry.

Opening Styles
Exterior Wood Top-Hung - These storm windows are used over your existing single hung or double hung vertical sliding windows. The storm window rests on hangers at the top, and is pushed outward from the bottom (awning style), then locked open with its self-locking elbows.  These can be locked shut for added security.
Exterior Wood Piggy-Back - This style of storm window is designed to be attached directly to a casement style window (those hinged at the side and opened outward).  Essentially this style of storm window "rides piggy back" on the existing window so that they can still be pushed open.  See photo below; the left and right side opened casement windows.
Hardware For Top-Hung Windows
Close Up Of Top Hanger

Piggy Back Style on Left and Right side Casement Windows                      and Picture Style on the Center Pane
Exterior Aluminum Vertical or Horizontal Sliders - These window styles "mirror" the opening direction of your existing windows.  Order horizontal if your windows open from side to side, or vertical if you have single or double hung windows
Horizontal Opening Style       Vertical Opening Style
Interior Oak or Fir Horizontal Sliders - These interior storm windows feature horizontal opening styles that "mirror" the opening direction of your existing windows, but are installed inside your home.  Air-Tite's Interior line also includes Double Horizontal Under-Slider and Horizontal Under-Slider styles as shown here.
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